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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

They are a simple stress management system, a natural method of treating moods and emotions and are safe and helpful for everyone, children, adults (men and women), even animals and plants.

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls and each remedy is for a specific emotion or mental state which will bring us back to the harmony within ourselves.

Basically the remedies are essences of 37 flowers found in our countryside. the one exception being water from a natural spring.

  • They are a self help treatment for everybody, are harmless and have no contraindications
  • If chosen wrongly they will have no effect, but if chosen correctly can be very powerful
  • They are easily accessible and easy to take in liquid form
  • They will enhance a persons well being and help give emotional support
  • They can be used with other therapies, complementary and orthodox, and will improve personal growth
  • They work with our bodies own intelligence and are self diminishing once you have been brought back to balance
  • They treat the person in the present, not the disease or the symptoms

  • The 38 remedies are divided into seven emotional states and are prescribed for each individual:

  • Fear (Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestnut)
  • Uncertainty (Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat)
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances (Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Olive, White Chestnut, Mustard, Chestnut Bud)
  • Loneliness (Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather)
  • Those over-sensitive to influence and ideas (Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly)
  • Despondancy and despair (Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple)
  • Over-care for welfare of others (Chicory, Vervain, Vine,Beech, Rock Water)

  • There is one composite remedy which is often used:

    Rescue Remedy

    This contains five of the 38 remedies and as the name would suggest, it is the remedy for emergencies and calming in traumatic situatuions such as visiting the dentist, before an exam, after a shock