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Natural non-surgical facelift

 Facial acupuncture has a variety of alternative names:

  More of the rich and famous and Hollywood stars are using facial acupuncture as a way of younger looking skin.
  Reportedly Barbara Streisand, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are having these treatments to ward off their wrinkles.


  The aim for me is to provide a safe and effective cosmetic / facial treatment for a range of patients.

  The course of treatment for the best effect consists of twice weekly treatments for 3 - 4 weeks; then weekly for a further 6 - 7 weeks for
  a total of 10 weeks.  This will give the best localised effect.  As effect is gradual over the course, a before and after photograph is taken.  
  Follow-up top-up treatments start at 1 month and are reviewed individually.

 How does it work?

 All patients are treated holistically which involves looking at diet; caffiene intake; smoking; time spent at a computer; frowing, laughing &
 smiling and sleep patterns.  As with general acupuncture treatment, a full medical history is taken and I will treat any problems that were of a
 concern as part of the treatment plan.  It's important to balance the whole body making the 'chi' energy circulate as it should.

 By using tiny, hair-thin, disposable, sterile needles, I insert them along the frown line, wrinkle or blemish encouraging the body to increase the
 bloodflow to produce endorphins, increase chemical release and changes within the skin, so releasing collagen and elastin into the tissues so
 plumping up the wrinkle or frown line.  The needles are left in for 30 minutes.

 This treatment is not as dramatic as a surgical facelift, there will be no scars, no poisons or toxins are put into the body, the body is doing the
 work itself.

 If there are severe wrinkles or double-chin, acupuncture cannot guarantee to completely eliminate them but it will definitely make a
 considerable difference.